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What is community and district heating?

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 21-Sep-2017 08:49:43

It’s important to point out, that even the decentralised energy sector sometimes struggle to understand what is community and district heating and the differences between them. Therefore we thought it would be useful to explain what they are and to demonstrate the differences, clearing up some of the common preconceptions.

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The Heat Network Regulations Update: September 2017

Posted by Ian Allan on 14-Sep-2017 15:00:00

At our latest seminar, Simon Trevenna from the Department of Business Energy Industrial Strategy (BEIS) discussed the latest updates to the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations since the General Election held in May 2017. This blog looks at the key information and changes to deadlines that you need to know, in order to stay compliant.

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Preparing for heat season: How social landlords and heat networks can tackle fuel poverty

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 08-Sep-2017 11:06:01

September is upon us and with it, the promise of a chilly autumn; which means we need to be ready to tackle the next heat season. With major reports from leading charities for both the elderly and children, fuel poverty is an important topic that must be addressed. Read on to see how more effective community heat metering can alleviate the issue.

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Successful and helpful resident engagement on heat networks

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 05-Sep-2017 09:05:13

A community heating scheme can bring enormous benefits to residents and the environment, but for the best results heat consumers need to be well informed, and shown how to get the best out of the system.Our blog looks at key topics to successful resident engagement.


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How to comply with Heat Network Regulations

Posted by Ian Allan on 24-Aug-2017 11:02:43

In an article written for Energy Management magazine, Ian Allan, Head of R&D for community heating specialist Switch2 Energy, explains the latest legislative changes affecting the UK's communal energy and district heating schemes and what they mean for heat suppliers.

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