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Five posts that will help you to improve your residents’ experiences

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 24-May-2018 00:00:00

Over the past few months, we’ve been focusing on putting residents at the heart of community heating schemes. Here are six posts that will give you the guidance you need.

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The 'go to guide' metering for efficiency

Posted by Ian Allan on 03-May-2018 14:19:00

To measure and manage the heat network efficiency, the installation of appropriate metering needs to be considered and implemented. Metering needs to be of the right type, installed in the right place and provide accurate, reliable data. And, to be effective, you need an airtight metering strategy. To understand this better, we've put together the go to guide: Metering for efficiency.

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The paradigm shift to green heat networks

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 26-Apr-2018 14:00:00

Heating our homes and businesses causes almost a third of UK emissions, yet carbon reduction policy has traditionally centred on power supply. Excellent progress has been made in decarbonising the UK's power supply in recent years, with a huge shift to renewable energy sources. Now the focus is rightly moving to heat.

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The benefits of community and district heating schemes

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 12-Apr-2018 18:24:00

Find out how heat networks can save money, cut pollution and ease fuel poverty.

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The basics: What is community and district heating?

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 05-Apr-2018 10:21:00

Even the decentralised energy sector sometimes struggle to understand what is community and district heating and the differences between them. Therefore we thought it would be useful to explain what they are and to demonstrate the differences, clearing up some of the common preconceptions.

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