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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

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  • District Heating Posted on 17 November 2021

    Higher gas prices improves payback of heat network metering

    Record high gas prices have made major news headlines over the last two months, with a handful of mainstream energy companies going bust, due to them not hedging against price increases. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a chain reaction, multiplying the payback of installing individual smart metering systems in homes connected to heat networks and demonstrating a solid investment for heat network owners.

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  • heat networks Posted on 29 September 2021

    On Demand Webinar | Government funding for heat networks – what does it mean for the future?

    Government funding for heat networks – what does it mean for the future?

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  • heat networks Posted on 7 October 2020

    Heat networks to address the Climate Emergency

    Concern over climate change is sweeping through UK local government. Approximately 282 local authorities having declared a climate emergency. This represents 68% of all UK local authorities. These declarations commit the respective authorities to achieve net zero carbon status by a variety of target dates ranging from 2030 to 2050. There is also variation in what this means – for some it is to achieve net zero carbon for the authority itself whereas others seek to achieve it for their areas. This recognition of the seriousness of the threat of climate change is welcome. However, the test of their commitment will be in delivering net zero carbon.

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  • heat networks Posted on 9 January 2020

    Committee of Climate Change Letter to PM - What does this mean for heat networks?

    On the back of the General Election 2019 and just before the year came to a close, Lord Deben and Baroness Brown wrote to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to congratulate him on his election victory, but also to highlight the importance of his promise in relation to the environment.


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