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What is an open access heat network?

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  • Home Energy Posted on 19 December 2019

    Top ten energy saving tips for Christmas

    The festive winter season can be an expensive time of year. Your energy bill can quickly shoot skyward as you find yourself preparing for the big day. To help you save, we have compiled our top 10 energy saving tips to cut your consumption - and potentially your bills - this winter.

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  • Home Energy Posted on 6 December 2018

    12 energy saving tips at Christmas

    Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but you can cut costs this winter with the following energy saving tips.

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  • Home Energy Posted on 26 January 2018

    Upgrading community heating schemes: Getting it right for the customer

    Many building owners are challenged with either upgrading community heating systems or converting buildings with gas or electricity. It may still be the case that some residents remain wary and sceptical about community district heating schemes; especially when they will be contractually tied into one supplier.

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  • Home Energy Posted on 9 February 2017

    Housing White Paper: What does is mean for heat networks?

    The Government’s latest white paper highlights the steps needed to be taken in order to quickly and effectively fix our “broken” housing market. Part of this ambition is to build 200,000 new homes per year. But what will a fast-tracked approach mean for a sustainable UK; and will it consider future-proofing our utility infrastructure?

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  • Home Energy Posted on 12 January 2017

    UK energy in 2016: The year in figures

    Home energy consumption has fallen, but UK households are still paying a great deal more for their energy. We round up the key UK energy statistics of 2016 and have highlighted the trends.

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  • Home Energy Posted on 18 November 2016

    Smart metering and the resident

    The UK Government have commissioned a full scale roll out of smart metering for gas and electricity by the end of the decade. But will this leave residents on heat networks behind? It does not need to!

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