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The Clean Growth Strategy

Posted by Ian Allan on 20-Oct-2017 11:13:11

The Clean Growth Strategy announced last week set out 50 policies and proposals that aim to achieve decarbonisation across several sectors by 2030. With heat networks playing a common theme throughout, we look at what’s in store for our industry.

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Fixing the ‘broken’ housing market: October updates from Theresa May

Posted by Ian Allan on 06-Oct-2017 14:30:59

At Tuesday’s (4th October) conference Theresa May, Prime Minister led her party through its ambitions over the next four years to elevate her political British Dream. A key focus was on the announcement of Government plans to spend a further £2 billion on a ‘new generation’ of Council houses and affordable homes for rent. But how will this impact the already inflated housing need across Britain?

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Community Heating Project Checklist [SlideShare]

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 29-Sep-2017 16:20:57


Key advice to help you get your scheme up and running...

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What is community and district heating?

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 21-Sep-2017 08:49:43

It’s important to point out, that even the decentralised energy sector sometimes struggle to understand what is community and district heating and the differences between them. Therefore we thought it would be useful to explain what they are and to demonstrate the differences, clearing up some of the common preconceptions.

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Preparing for heat season: How social landlords and heat networks can tackle fuel poverty

Posted by Kirsty Lambert on 08-Sep-2017 11:06:01

September is upon us and with it, the promise of a chilly autumn; which means we need to be ready to tackle the next heat season. With major reports from leading charities for both the elderly and children, fuel poverty is an important topic that must be addressed. Read on to see how more effective community heat metering can alleviate the issue.

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