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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

Wednesday 20th July, 2022

On Demand Webinar | Combatting rising gas prices through optimised heat network performance

Posted by Lucy Glynn

Combatting rising gas prices through optimised heat network performance..

In a time of unprecedented gas price rises; are the escalating costs of your heat networks and the impending regulatory requirements causing concern for you and your residents?

Many heat networks across the UK are underperforming, resulting in residents facing higher than necessary bills, increased carbon emissions and reduced life of plant equipment. Your heat networks are costing more than they need to.

Before improvements can be made, heat network operators need to understand their scheme.

This on demand webinar on discusses: 

  • Why your heat network efficiency needs to be a priority
  • How improving scheme performance can reduce costs, carbon and improve customer satisfaction
  • How you can prepare for funding to help with scheme improvements

Ian Allan – Head of Market Strategy (Switch2)

Ian Allan is a specialist in district and community heating, whose career in the industry spans more than 25 years. Ian is a leading authority on smart metering, data management and billing systems, including new generation prepayment technologies. Ian was on the ADE panel for the Heat Networks Market Framework and was on the committee for the recently updated CIBSE CP1 2020.


Richard Greaves, Consultant (Switch2)

Richard Greaves’ career in building services spans over 25 years, specialising in energy and carbon reduction. His focus is on delivering energy reduction within the design of heat networks. Richard is a CIBSE Heat Network Consultant.


Alex Trebowicz - Heat Network Efficiency Scheme, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

With a background in private sector engineering consultancy, as well as regional and national Government, Alex works as a Project Lead in the Heat Networks Delivery Unit at BEIS supporting development of low carbon heat networks projects particularly in the north of England. For the last two years he has worked on supporting existing networks develop strategies for performance improvements, and is currently the Project Director for the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme.

*For those working in local authorities, housing associations, private developers, contractors and consultants - with responsibility for developing and managing heat networks


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