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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

Thursday 8th April, 2021

On Demand Webinar | AMR Options

Posted by Lucy Glynn

AMR Options

A key element to delivering reliable and accurate metering and billing is the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. Whereas heat meters are largely commoditised the AMR area is not, with lots of different options, each with benefits and drawbacks.

The choice of AMR will depend on the type of building, heat network, what you want to achieve from your heat meter readings and your approach to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and smart metering.

This session will explore AMR options and the application to help you select the right AMR system for your heat networks.

The key points covered in the webinar are:

1. What are we trying to achieve?
2. History – manual to automatic
3. Meter data management
4. Types of AMR

  • PAYG based systems
  • Non PAYG based systems



Ian Allan – Head of Market Strategy (Switch2)

Ian Allan is a specialist in district and community heating, whose career in the industry spans more than 25 years. Ian is a leading authority on smart metering, data management and billing systems, including new generation prepayment technologies. Ian was on the ADE panel for the Heat Networks Market Framework and was on the committee for the recently updated CIBSE CP1 2020.


The webinar is now available to view on-demand by completing the form below

*For those working in local authorities, housing associations, private developers, contractors and consultants - with responsibility for developing and managing heat networks

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