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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

Thursday 22th September, 2022

On Demand Webinar | How can heat network tariffs help to mitigate fuel poverty?

Posted by Lucy Glynn

How can heat network tariffs help to mitigate fuel poverty?

In this webinar, Switch2's Head of Market Strategy, Ian Allan and Operations Manager, Yanik Croston explore how heat network tariffs can play an important part in mitigating fuel poverty. The webinar looks at the purpose of a tariff, tariff modelling and best practice for communicating tariff changes with residents. 


  • Tariffs: The basics 
  • Recovering costs 
  • Tariff modelling 
  • Reducing costs
  • Communicating the tariff 
  • Next steps 

The webinar speakers are:

Ian Allan – Head of Market Strategy

Yanik Croston, Operations Manager 


The webinar is now available on demand by completing the form below.

*For those working in local authorities, housing associations, private developers, contractors and consultants - with responsibility for developing and managing heat networks

Access the Webinar

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