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  • heat networks Posted on 23 September 2020

    The role of heat networks in net zero delivery

    Ian Allan, Head of Market Strategy for Switch2 Energy, explains how next generation heat networks can help drive the urgent heat decarbonisation challenge.

    There’s no ‘silver bullet’ solution to the urgent and complex heat decarbonisation challenge, but heat networks will play an increasingly important role in the sustainable heating mix – helping to deliver on net zero goals.

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  • heat networks Posted on 13 August 2020

    7 reasons to consider a connected HIU for your heat network

    A new range of heat interface units (HIUs) are making their way onto the market. Said to be the next generation of HIU, the connected successor enhances the benefits of operating an indirect connected heat network. But, could it be the product of choice for your heat network project?

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  • eguide Posted on 30 July 2020

    What are the rules and regulations around reselling electricity to residents? FREE guide

    There is strong interest from developers, landlords and ESCos in supplying residents with electricity to reduce the cost of their overall service offering. This is often linked to the provision of heat, where combined heat and power (CHP) plant is used. The drive for lower carbon solutions is also creating new opportunities to integrate heat and power from solar PV and heat pumps.

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  • Heat network regulation Posted on 14 July 2020

    Heat Network Regulations – extension to implementation period

    BEIS (The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) have confirmed an extended implementation period has been granted for the proposed amendments to the Heat Networks (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.

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  • Heat network regulation Posted on 4 June 2020

    Understanding the Heat Network Market Framework

    The Heat Network Market Framework is the latest proposal which will pave the way to formal regulation of the heat sector. It follows the market study by the Competition and Markets Authority in 2018, where it was found that regulation, further investment and customer protection was needed for this growing area of energy. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published the report in February and 1st June marked the closure of the consultation period.

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  • heat networks Posted on 22 May 2020

    Heat networks market consultation - what this means for heat network operators, customers & the supply chain

    Partnered with Switch2, Winckworth Sherwood's May seminar was hosted as a webinar.

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