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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

Monday 7th December, 2020

The new Heat Network Cost Effectiveness Tool and what this means for heat suppliers

Posted by Ian Allan

On 27th November OPSS released the long-awaited updates to the Heat Networks (Metering and Billing) Regulations. The most significant update is the release of the cost-effectiveness assessment tool.

Part of the Regulations (retrofitting meters into properties) has been on hold whilst the tool was reworked after proving to not work properly following its initial release.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the enforcement agency, The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) have engaged with the market during the development of the new tool, of which Switch2 was a part of.

When the tool was released on Friday 27th November, there was not only one tool, but two versions of it.

Version 1: The reduced input tool (where energy consumption is known and a quote for metering installation costs is available).

Version 2: The full input tool (where energy consumption for a building is either estimated or consumption is known but a quote for metering installation costs is not available).

Heat suppliers only need to complete one of these tools, in accordance with the information that is available to them.


At Switch2 we are pleased with the 2 options of tools available to heat suppliers, offering them flexibility and simplicity, and feel it demonstrates that BEIS listened to the market feedback prior to releasing the updates.

Ian Allan, Head of Market Strategy at Switch2, and part of the team who worked on the consultation with BEIS, says: “After a long wait for the update to the cost effectiveness tool we are pleased this has now been released and heat suppliers can start to analyse their housing stock and prepare for compliance with the Regulations. Switch2 supports the move towards installing more meters in properties on heat networks. With over 35 years in the metering industry we have truly demonstrated heat meters provide fairness to residents, bring down costs of heat thereby addressing fuel poverty and contributing to reducing carbon, due to encouraging behavioural change. We are looking forward to supporting heat suppliers to ensure their compliance with the Regulations.”


Switch2 has updated its popular e-guide to include all the latest updates to the Regulations. Download your FREE copy below.

HN Regs - Call to action Nov 2020-01-01


Ian Allan

Head of Market Strategy

Areas of expertise:

• Industry challenges and issues • Heat Network Regulations • Smart metering

• Innovation in heat networks • Tariff setting • Energy prepayment • Digital innovation

• Data management • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) • Heat Interface Units

• International district heating • Compliance & best practice standards

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