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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

Monday 5th December, 2022

On Demand Webinar | How heat meters can mitigate the energy crisis

Posted by Matt Hawkins

How can heat meters mitigate the energy crisis?

In this webinar, Switch2's Head of Market Strategy, Ian Allan and Business Development Manager, Chloe Chandler, discuss how installing heat meters can reduce consumption without loss of comfort, save both residents and operators on gas costs, and unlock future efficiencies. 


  • Switch2's experience heat meter installation
  • What are the causes of the energy crisis?
  • How is sheltered housing being impacted by the energy crisis?
  • Opportunities for heat network improvements
  • Unlocking future efficiencies

The webinar speakers are:

Ian Allan – Head of Market Strategy, Switch2

Chloe Chandler – Business Development Manager, Switch2

 The webinar is now available on demand by completing the form below.

Access the Webinar

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