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What is an open access heat network?

Posted by Ian Allan

Monday 24th February, 2020

Heat network regulations; Do heat operators realise their obligations?

Posted by Ian Allan

Heat Network Formal warnings OPSS - Re notify

The Office for Products and Safety Standards (OPSS) began sending reminder emails throughout September - November 2019 informing all heat network operators that they had a duty to re-notify to be compliant with Regulation 3.

Many heat networks in the UK are no longer compliant

The Office for Products and Safety Standards (OPSS) say of the 17k heat networks in the UK only a small portion of those registered have re-notified, making a huge proportion non-compliant due to failing to re-notify by 31st December 2019. This could suggest there is a lack of understanding; either some heat network operators are just not aware of the 4-year rule, or some maybe thinking it was on hold due to the heat network consultation.

This is not the case. How to remain compliant:

  • Every 4 years heat suppliers must submit a new notification to OPSS to ensure they are compliant for the heat networks they operate
  • Incomplete or incorrect notifications submitted, will be sent back to complete or clarify
  • To facilitate the notifications process and ensure all the necessary information is collated and heat suppliers (of heat, cooling, and/or hot water) notify OPSS
  • A notification template is available on the Government website. This has been updated to make notifying them easier and quicker.
  • Notifications must be sent to heatnotifications@beis.gov.uk 

Formal warnings OPSS - Re notify - vid

What happens if I don’t re-notify?

OPSS have been lenient up until now, however it is a criminal offence to not be compliant. The requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive with respect to the supply of distributed heat, cooling and hot water is part of UK law under the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 as amended by the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) (Amendment) Regulations 2015. OPSS are now issuing formal warnings to all heat network operators that did not notify a new or existing heat network.


If you haven't re-notified and don't know where to start Switch2 can help!

Switch2 can help you with your re-notification. We are keen to support heat suppliers with their obligations and ensure they are compliant with the regulations, and with almost 40 years’ experience and recognised industry thought leaders we can ensure accuracy of the information required to re-notify. 



Grey CTA 5 -  Compliance notify Reg3  (2)


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