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Meet your obligations with heat network regulations

Posted by Ian Allan

Tuesday 7th March, 2023

Energy bills support for residents with a communal electricity supply (Private Wire)

Posted by Yanik Croston

Following the Government launch of energy bills support for domestic customers under the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) and for commercial customers under the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS), customers who are supplied electricity through a communal supply have, up until now, been unable to benefit from any support with their bills.

However, the Government have now made arrangements for these customers to benefit from the £400 Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS), which was previously only available to customers with direct contracts with domestic energy suppliers.

If my electricity comes from a communal supply, how do I apply for energy bill support and how much will I get?

Customers on private wire networks are now able to access the £400 support, which was previously unavailable to them.

Customers must apply for the rebate through the Government’s portal, which you can access through this link.

How will I receive the £400 energy bill support payment?

The £400 will be paid directly into your bank account as one lump sum by your local authority. It is recommended that customers apply for this as soon as possible, to ensure you receive the payment in a timely manner. There is more information about the scheme here.

For those without online access, the contact centre helpline can be reached on 0808 175 3287 for applicants in Great Britain, or 0808 175 3894 for applicants in Northern Ireland, where a representative will guide them through the application process. The helpline is open 8am to 6pm on Monday to Friday.

Can Switch2 provide my rebate?

As this is a Government scheme and will be administered by the Local Authority for your area, Switch2’s involvement is limited to informing you about this scheme. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to any questions or queries regarding the scheme or payment arrangements.

Useful links:

Application: https://www.gov.uk/apply-energy-bill-support-if-not-automatic

Further information: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/900000-more-households-to-benefit-from-400-of-government-energy-bill-support

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